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Here is a project I realised upon the request of my daughter who wanted a case for her Uke.


To be noticed that this uke is tuned in GDAE, my little daughter being actually learning the fiddle ....
I purchased this set of GDAE strings for Uke at  "Juste cordes".
I had to make a new nut because of too much buzzing, due to the important difference in diameter compared to the original strings ...

Coming back to the case, the amazing for this is that it is built in a closed case, re-sawn afterwards. This is for being sure that  the cuves of the top and bottom would match exactly.

The lining is made of cork.

The handle is made for a modern drawerfor found in the local hardware store.

See the detailed diaporama for this projet.

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Reaction #2 

by rastaferra 11/09/2015 : 22:41

Merci !

Aucune inquiétude, j'ai mis une bonne tartine de vernis qui ne craint rien !

A bientôt,



Bonjour !

Très beau travail, mais avez vous prévu un étui pour protéger cet étui ? ;)

Reaction #1 

by moi 04/03/2011 : 15:06
Joli projet, très original la refente de la boîte après l'avoir fermée !

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