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Melody Assistant

Melody Assistant  is a software for editing and playing music scores from  Myriad.
It is particularly interresting for traditional music.
It permits, amongst other features :
  • The import of the midi and above all "abc" formats (important for the irish music smile)
  • The edition of tabs, for any kind of instruments  (violin or mandolin smile)
  • Easy handling, well documented.
  • It handles scores with complex ornaments, like for the scottish bagpipes.
  • It manages scores for the orchestra, and groups, with notably templates for the bagad/pipe band.
Melody Assistant is a commercial software, with a moderate fee, about  30€.
It is well maintained and the upgrades are free of charge.

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Creation date : 02/09/2013 : 17:39
Last update : 07/11/2013 : 16:17
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You are here :   Welcome » Melody Assistant

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