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Controlling the tension of a bandsaw blade

Most of the serious bandsaw models feature a blade tension indicator that allows to setup visually the tension of the blade, depending on its width :

However, for the more modest models, this indicator does not exist.

Here is a method showing how to proceed for controlling the blade tension and to be able to set it up, each time, at the same value.

You simply have to "tune" the blade, just as we can do with a string of a musical instrument, using a digital tuner.

If it is true woodworkers do not all own a digital tuner in their shop, each one has now, or nearly has, a smartphone in the pocket. And it is really easy to install on it a digital tuner application (see this article).

The trick is to pluck the blade, not on the side of the guides, but on the left side, where the blade can freely vibrate between the wheels.

As an example, in my case, the optimal tension for a blade of 6 mm on this bandsaw  corresponds to a frequency of about 165 Hz (E3).

This value of course depends on the width of the blade and on the distance between the wheels. When a satisfactory value has been found, the best would be to keep it on a sticker attached inside the door of the machine, for instance.

Do not hesitate to comment.


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by Fulax 19/02/2016 : 10:58

C'est génial !C'est parfait pour tendre toujours de la même façon chacune de ses différentes lames. Personnellement, je cherche l'astuce qui me donnera la tension à appliquer. Quand je l'aurai, je saurai comment la reproduire.Merci pour le tuyau.

You are here :   Welcome » Bandsaw blade tension

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