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Unfold Close  Tooling

This is a String action Gauge for measuring the heigth of the strings, compared to the frets, graduated in millimeters smile.

It is a dxf format file, wich is a vectorial format used by CAD softwares, to insure dimensional reliability.
You will need a software to print this dxf file, I personnaly use Qcad, but there is also SagCAD on Framasoft, perfectly free !
Take care at your printer settings, use "real size".

You need to print it in real size on a thick paper, then you fold on the vertical line and add glue. You can yet insert another layer of paper inside, and then you laminate with plastic. You need then to precisely cut the contours with an Xacto like knife along with a steel ruler.

This is handy, and if you happen to loose it, you just have to print again !

Enjoy !

String_Action_Gauge_mineau.dxf(94.31 Kb) Downloaded 820 times Download Hyperlink   Preview  Print... 

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