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Smart Tools, the virtual tool box

Smart Tools, the virtual tool box.

Smart Tools is an Android "Tool box" application that gathers 15 applications which are far from being only gadgets and appear to be very usefull and effective in the workshop, as anywhere else.

This is not a free application, but ctually inexpensive, and most of the individual tools are freely available from Google Play.

The most simple, to get an idea, is to view the presentation video :



Here is a summary of the tools that can be the most usefull in the shop :

The ruler

To measure objects that can be put on the screen. Verified accuracy is about 2/10 mm.

The protractor

As well, to measure angles on objects that can be put close to the screen. I use it to measure the cutting angles on my turning tools.

The plumb line

This tool is excellent in the shop to measure a tilt angle  for a table, a guide, fence or blade.

The most efficient is to build a support with a magnatic base to hold the phone on the table or blade (see this article).

You can set the zero, so that you can set a blade angle compared to its table, even if this last is not horizontal.

The plumb line through the camera

To measure macroscopic tilts, through the eye of the camera. To verify if the portrait of you mother-in-law is well horizontal in the living-room.

The caliper

Works in metrics, and fractions of inch.

The threading gauge

To gauge the thread of any vis you can put close to the screen.

Metric, US, BTL, etc ...

The level

A soundmeter

Vibration measure

If you want to realize what is a level 12 earthquake.

Apart from that, no much use for me.


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