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Instrument making vise

Vise with rotative Jaws for instrument makers

Here is a special vise somewhat particular which is delighted by luthiers and carvers.


It is very versatile and allows to clamp very delicately, but strongly, all kinds of shapes, even non parallel, like the neck of an instrument.

This vise is available from different vendors, StewMac in the US, and Gaignard & Millon in Paris, and probably somewhere else.

The one I'm showing here is unique, because I made it by myself ... from wood !


It works perfectly tongue and can clamp very stiffly some pieces far heavier than the mandolin I'm showing here.
The advantage of this vise is that it leaves no mark on the finish of the instrument, its jaws are made of cork.

You will need a woodturning lathe to make it, and you'll need a lot of care in the assemblies, because you'll want to have no play.
The base can turn and can be removed from the bench with a simple nut, like the original model.
The body is made of chestnut; the screw is supported by a ball bearing, just ahead of the crank.

This is one of the most useful and necessary tools in the shop.

Tell me what you think about it !

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