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Unfold Close  Woodworking
The site (in english) of canadian Mathias Wandel is dedicated to woodworking, and is abundant in good ideas and researches. It is all  very interresting, and even fascinating to browse.
Its title,, makes reference to the wooden made gears that he uses extensively, and for which he has developped an extremely efficient software for drawing and cutting these gears into plywood.
I have by the way experimented this on my thickness sander (see the article Instrument making/workshop).

Mathias is basicaly a software designer, and he publishes several softwares, free or for reasonable charge, of the highest interest for woodworkers.
You can notice the amazing Bigprint (see my article in the Softwares section) that allows to print any image (a plan or simply a picture) at any scale on several A4 sheets of paper, using any home inkjet printer. It features a very efficient system that allows to align printed sheets to stick them back together and make the full size plan.
The bonus of this software is that it is made by a woodworker for woodworkers. As whatever does Mathias Wandel, it is full of good ideas, like the ink saver, or the quotation feature.

Mathias is not devoid of a sens of humour, have a look for instance at his video of his system for stubborn pencils.
What I like the most in Mathias, is that he remained a big kid, have a look for instance at his projects like the marble machine, the Jenga pistol, not talking about his all wooden organ.

Mathias also owns a Youtube channel, I encourage you to subscribe :


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