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Diatonic clarinet

Diatonic Clarinet in the key of G

The diatonic clarinet is an instrument that was inspired by the baroque clarinets, having a reduced number of keys. The diatonic version is relatively simplified in the sens that the covered scale is not chromatic.  The range is quite reduced also, this instrument can not  jump to the upper octave.

This simple instrument is a prototype I have done from beech wood. My goal was to experiment and to set up a plan, it is indeed very difficult to get plans for wind instruments.

My plan is available in the download 

I will next time do a second version of this instrument, probably made out of boxwood.

It has got 8 tone holes.

The scale and fingering is the following :

F# G A B C D E F F# G
Sclae and Fingering
thumb L X X


index L X X X X X X X O O O
middle L X X X X X X X X O X
ring L X X X X X O O X O O
index R X X X X O O O O O O
middle R X X X O O O O O O O
ring R X X O O O O O O O O
pinky R X O O O O O O O O O

The sound is quite round and warm, here is a sound sample :

A copper ring, the body is made in two parts.

The finish is simply lineseed oil..

The holes for the ring-fingers are shifted on the side for more convenience.

 The mouthpiece is a standard Bb clarinet mouthpiece  (Yamaha).

The tuning is progressing 10th of a mm per 10th of a mm.

Setting up the B hole ( which sets the C note in reality)

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by jacques 15/03/2014 : 18:46

ou peut on acheter cette clarinette


Bonjour, nulle part, ce n'est qu'un proto pour le moment rolleyes.
Par ailleurs, je suis un luthier amateur, je ne vends pas mes instruments. Mon but est juste d'échanger avec d'autres amateurs souhaitant fabriquer leurs instruments.