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Safety switch

Safety switch

Christophe Mineau

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Safety switch

Safety switch for home made machines


No, this is not a bird nest for the garden !

This is a very simple (who said crude ?) but efficient mechanism which provide safety for starting and stopping any shop build machine.

Here, this is a router table.

The principle is to use a standard rocker switch (16A) and to build a sort of cage around it, with a swivelling cover that falls down by gravity.

Under the cover, there is a small pad glued to it, which can press the rocker switch to turn it off.

A hole is drilled in the cover in order to pass your finger and turn the machine on.

There is a spring that keeps the cover away from the rocker switch, so that the sole weight of the cover can not turn the machine off.

(here, spring taken from a cloth pin)


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Hello from Franois
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Simple, Efficace Bravo

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