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Leather lacing

 Leather lacing

Here is an article to explain how to make  homemade tools for doing lace edge braided sewing on leather, like so :

Double loop stitch

The making of this stitch is not very difficult. It is done with a leather lace, that goes through elongated holes, spaced regularly.

Here is a document showing the details of this stitch : (Credit:

Credit :Tandy Leather Factory

For doing this stitch, you need two kinds of tools :

  • a comb shaped chisel called a pricking iron that allows to cut doted lines
  • a lace needle

The comb :

I started from a scraper, a thick rigid one, beveled. I took the handle off, and cut across the upper part, like so :


I then made some teeth in the shape of  a crenel, every 3mm. The recess are ground with a Dremel tool.

In place of the handle , I put a steel sleeve, that will allow to strike with a hammer.Peigne

Finally, I have sharpened the cutting edge, on the bench grinder, with a double bevel.Peigne

The lace needle :

The problem, with a lace, is that when passed through the eye of a needle, it is not oriented the right way, and it is impossible to pass the needle through the holes.

An other problem is that, with a standard needle, you need to pass the hole with a double thickness of leather, which is also impossible, unless you do really big holes.

My solution is simply to make the needle using piano wire, with one end folded along the body of the needle, like an open eye of a needle.

You can see in this picture my needle, and at the bottom, a real lace needle.

With my needle, the lace is not really threaded, I make a little hole at the end of the lace, and I pass the needle through that hole.

The lace is well aligned with the needle, like a true lace needle.Aiguille

Detail of the sharpening of the open eye. A bevel, so that the needle passes through the hole without any difficulty.Aiguille

Detail of the sharpening of the tip, a dull cone.



I use the pricking iron, striking with the hammer.


The second position is set so that the first tooth is in the last hole of the precedent one.


Lacing. Passing the eye of the needle.


This stitch is nammed "double loop stitch".


And here is the result. I have since purchased some true lace needles, but the solution with the piano wire is really workable.

Do not hesitate to use some pliers to pull the needle.


Voilà ! 


PS : See as well this video :  (Credit: Tandy Leather factory)

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