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Transverse drilling on the lathe

Transverse drilling on the lathe

Here is a system allowing to drill side-way directly on the lathe. The drilling can be orthogonal to the axis of the lathe or at any desired angle.

I have made this tool both for the wood lathe and the metal lathe. It is basically a standard Jacobs drilling chuck prolongated by a long 12mm diameter shaft.

The shaft is powered by an electric hand drill.

On the wood lathe, this shaft passes through a hole bored in the post of a tool rest.

On the metal lathe, this shaft passes through a welded frame, which is hold on the quick change tool post.

A ring with a set screw can slide along the shaft and serves as a depth stop.

Very important ! The drop of oil allows for a smooth use and minimizes the wear (there is no bearing or bushing).

Here is a video showing the set up on the wood lathe :

Some close pictures of the setup on the wood lathe :

And for the metal lathe :


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