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What to do with an orphaned earring ?

What to do with an orphaned earring ?

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What to do with an orphaned earring ?

What to do with an orphaned earring ?

Definitively, do not get rid of it, that’s a great opportunity for decorating a new object and to make it come back to life !

Even better, you will be looking at it more often than when it was hanging at your ear.

Here is an example of two pens that I have made in order to give life again to two earrings that happened to be lonely.

The very last, I made it for a friend of mine who asked me to do something with her single earring. It is a Bic pen, wood turned out of Indian rosewood.

The small “inkwell” that serves as a stand for it is made of briar burl.

The finish is a home brewed friction polish, shellac based, and the pot is finished with carnauba wax applied on a cellulose based pore filler.


And here is another pen, older :

It is made out of mahogany, teak, ebony, abalone pearl, and an orphaned earring.

Note that in this case, beyond the pure aesthetic aspect, the earring brings a more functional touch, preventing the pen from rolling off the table.

You can see these pens in the gallery : “Woodworking/My Woodturnings”/“Pen”.

Do not hesitate to contact me if you need any detail on the making of these pens.


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