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Soft vise jaws for the luthier

Soft vise jaws for the luthier

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Soft vise jaws for the luthier

Wooden soft jaws for standard vise

We are often tempted by using our mechanic vise for working a piece of wood. It is besides the most common vise one can find in any shop.

The first solution is to use commercial soft jaws, often magnetic and rubber coated to avoid injuring the wooden piece.

However, there is a drawback left to it, especially for luthier applications, it is that this vise only allows to hold parallel edge pieces.

Here is a set of simple soft jaws that allows to clamp parallel or wedged pieces, like a musical instrument neck for instance.

They are hardwood blocks, coated with thick leather.

The right hand jaw is used in both cases, it features a pair of springs aimed at spacing the jaws, while opening the vise.

The reverse U section is cut for the jaws to sit onto the central slide of the vise.

One of the jaws has a straight edge, and the other has a curved edge, which allows a three points clamping of a wedged piece.

Here it is, installed on the vise :

Under use :

Simple and efficient.

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