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Rollerball pen, rosewood, brass and abalone pearl

Rollerball pen, rosewood, brass and abalone pearl

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Rollerball pen, rosewood, brass and abalone pearl

Here is a couple of pens I made this week end. This time, I made roller-ball pens, using a standard “Stabilo” brand refill.

As usual, these pens are “kitless”, that is to say pens made without using any commercial mechanism.
Mostly, I make mechanical pencils, but this time, I have imagined a mechanism for ink pen, with a retractable tip.

The principle is similar to the one of a rifle breech, you have to push down the piston and then rotate to lock it in place.

A spring lets the tip move back into position.

To change the refill, you have to unscrew the little knob, which releases the piston and lets you take the refill off the pen.

The pen is made out of rosewood, the mechanism of brass, inlaid with local abalone pearl dots. Everything is 100% homemade, even the pearl dots.

For the finish, several layers of pore filler, then several layers of friction polish.
One next time, I should show how I make these pearl dots out of abalone shells, from the see next to my home !

Up to you now !
Would someone be interested, feel free to contact me , I can provide a detailed drawing of the mechanism, for that kind of refill.



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