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Engraving hammer and chisel

Engraving hammer and chisel

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Engraving hammer and chisel

This hammer is very specific, it is designed for metal engraving, for the work with chisels.

I have felt attracted by the Engraving craftsmanship for a while now, but that requires a lot of learning. I start by making my tools.

For those interested in engraving, I recommend the excellent site “Gravures et Couteaux”, from Jean Santos (in French).

The head, made of turned steel, only weighs 80g. The face is slightly rounded and large enough to offer a good hitting surface area for the chisel.

The tool must allow frequent and light taps, at a good pace. The balance, and the ergonomy, in particular the bottom of the handle, with a pear shape, shifted towards the front are well suited for that work.

And here is a first chisel to work together with the hammer. The tip is HSS, grounded in a lozenge shape.

And now, I only need a lot of practice …


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