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Convert inches into millimeters

Convert inches into millimeters

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Convert inches into millimeters

Convert Inches into millimeters

A very simple trick, but also very usefull : a pocket calculator, intended to convert currencies, can be easilly tranformed to convert inches into millimeters and vice versa.

I take a standard pocket calculator, like this Casio HL-820VER I have purchased for less than 3 euros.

You need to change the conversion rate to 0,03937 and you obtain a calculator that translates inches into millimeteres and millimeters into inches.

On that model, to change the rate :

              [C/AC] [C/AC] [%]Rate select (maintenu 3s) 0.03937 [%]Rate select

To display the rate :

[C/AC] [%]Rate select

To finish with, I have glued some little labels on the keys to avoid any confusion on the sens of the convertion. (glued and lacquered with CA glue).

To use it, very simple :

  • Convert into millimeters : enter the value in inches, example : [1] [/] [6] [4] [=] and you hit [–>mm] and you obtain : 1/64th of an inch = 0.4 mm
  • Convert into Inches : enter the value in millimeters, axample [2] [5] [.] [4] and you hit [–>Inch] and you obtain : 25.4 mm = 1 inch.


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