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Metal Working - Tooling

Metal Working - Tooling

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Metal Working - Tooling

Metal Work

When I was a high school student, then later a student engineer, I spent many hours in the shop class where I learned the basics of metal turning and milling.

Many years later, I was able to afford a metal lathe, and later the milling head combined with this lathe.

Very different from the craft of wood, the metal work is for me just as interesting. Although it is probably more utilitarian (I mainly manufacture tools), I always enjoy making tools, and I try to make them as pretty as I can.

The metal lathe is also an indispensable tool for the making of wind instruments, it allows a much more precise work for the “technical” parts, but the “aesthetic” part of the instruments is most often done on the wood lathe.

I sometimes mix a noble metal like Titanium to a noble wood like sandal wood to make such a metal / wood ring that can be seen above.

The menu on the left will allow you to navigate in the different metal working categories.


Moreover, concerning the tooling, I am a contributor to the American site “”.
The site is specialized in tools of all kinds and is certainly the largest and richest encyclopedia of tools, all over the Net. This site I strongly recommend for anyone looking for ideas in order to make some particular tool.

I have published so far more than 250 personal tools eek, and many of them are not yet published on, so I invite you to visit my page:

Homemade tools built by Christophe Mineau on

Feel free to react to articles and ask me any questions if necessary, I will be happy to help you.

I specify that I do not sell my makings, the first objective of this site is the sharing of know-how.

Do not hesitate to contact me ! (see “Contact” at the top of the page).


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