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Christophe Mineau

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Software is my real occupation !

Since my high school years, I have never stopped being interested in programming techniques, and as a matter of fact, I turned it into a career.
Also at home, for my pleasure, I keep on developing all kinds of software tools or fun things. I particularly like Web technologies: my online tools and calculators for luthiery are developed in Javascript or php, which allows me to make them available to everyone through this site.

I also have great pleasure developing on the Arduino / ESP8266 / Raspberry Pi platforms, even though I publish very little about it. I like merging digital works together with my other woodworking activities. As an example, I have designed an original tool that uses a digital Arduino-based part, associated with a mechanical part on a wood base.
This is the “Digital Box Joint Jig”, a semi-automatic digital machine to make finger joint joinery.

I got an award with this tool on the site “”. You can read the detailed article here: Digital Box JointJig

The menu below contains direct links to my online tools, as well as some explanations on the softwares I use in my designs, and various tutorials on some specific points. You can also access my Github page here.

Feel free to comment below articles or ask me any questions, I will be happy to answer.

I recall that I do not sell any of my works, the first and only aim of this site is for sharing know-how.

Feel free to contact me ! (see “Contact” in the menu above).


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